Dr Nell is a full time orthopaedic surgeon at the Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic in Bellville. He specializes in knee surgery and has vast experience in knee surgery, using proven techniques with well-known long term outcomes.
Dr Nell’s patients will benefit from the latest knee surgery techniques and equipment available.

He regularly performs minimally invasive arthroscopic knee surgery, including arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. He is experienced with computer assisted knee replacements and osteotomies. He is familiar with the latest patient specific technology in knee replacements.

Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic is a small and less intimidating family hospital. Our nursing team are mostly old hands with years of service at our hospital. We deliver personalised care in a homely environment. The 2012 upgrade transformed our hospital into a state of the art facility with a clean look and new technology. Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic recently received an award for the hospital with the best clinical outcomes in the Mediclinic group. Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic’s excellent low overall infection rate was one of the reasons for this award.