The knee meniscus is a cartilage disk that lies inside the knee joint. There are two of these kidney shaped discs in the knee.
Tears in the meniscus are a very common knee problem. They typically cause pain, clicking and slight instability in the knee. These symptoms are usually confined to a specific side of the knee. They can occur in young sports people as a part of sports injuries or they can occur in older patients as a part of knee degenerative arthritis.

Meniscus tears can be repaired with sutures in some instances. We use the patient’s age, the tear configuration and location and the associated injuries to decide whether a meniscus tear is repairable or not.

When the meniscus is judged irreparable a piece of meniscus can be removed by trimming the meniscus and removing the torn piece arthroscopically.

Removing a part of the meniscus generally gives very good knee function. A knee with a removed meniscus is almost normal, and much better than one with a torn meniscus. Obviously the best is a knee with a normal meniscus.

See attached videos:

Torn meniscus repair

Torn meniscus trimming