Patellofemoral pain is located centrally over the front of the knee. It is most pronounced during stair climbing, especially going down a staircase.
The most common causes for anterior knee pain in adolescents are Osgood Slatters disease and Sinding Johannsen Larson’s disease. Both these conditions are associated with rapid growth at the growth plate during the adolescent growth spurt.
They occur in competitive athletes and is due to overuse. Both conditions merely need rest and surgery is not indicated.

The common causes for patellofemoral pain in adults are arthritis situated in the patellofemoral joint, isolated cartilage defects of the patellofemoral joint, overloading of the patellofemoral joint due to malalignment and patella tendonitis and plicae of the patellofemoral joint.

Treatment varies from problem to problem, and includes physiotherapy, arthroscopy, micro fracture, plica release and patella realignment.

See attached videos:

Patella pain – drilling / micro fracture

Patella pain – removal of painfull plica

Patella pain – patella realignment